Turtle Inspection Chambers

Introducing an exciting new add-on to our MetroDrain range: Turtle - a collection of high-strength inspection chambers and catch-pits for surface water management systems.

Introducing a variety of above-ground access chambers differing in sizes, depths and connections ideal for a wide range of scenarios whilst retaining total compatability with our current range of MetroDrain pipes, fittings and accessories. 

The MetroDrain catchpit and inspection chamber range has been uniquely designed to acommodate 150mm Naylor Metrodrain and NDrain systems in all inlets and the outlet of our chambers. EASY FIT SEAL technology ensures that connected pipe and accessories are easy to install and ensure a strong connection with the base unit.

Designed and built in the UK, Turtle inspection chambers are built to the following standards:

  • Design & Construction Guidance (DCG)
  • Type D & E Chambers
  • Buildings Regulations part H
  • BS EN 13598−1 & 2 (Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage. Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Specifications for manholes and inspection chambers)
  • BS EN 681−1 (Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications. Vulcanized rubber)

Key features of the MetroDrain Turtle range are:

  • Single piece, pre-assembled chambers.
  • Durable rotational moulded LLDPE base - chemical and impact resistant.
  • Compatible with 150mm Naylor Metrodrain Twinwall.
  • Profiled base which improves overall strength.
  • Stepped base - 50mm step from side to main channel.
  • Chambers include a fall from the main inlet to the outlet to help promote flow.
  • Base and five standard depths available.
  • Access shafts are easily cut onsite to the required depth.
  • Chambers can be installed in granular backfill.

Applications include:

  • Above ground access for inspection and maintenance of surface water pipe systems.
  • Suitable for Adoptable and Non-Adoptable applications.
  • Maximum installation depth to soffit of pipe - Adoptable
  • 3000mm and Non-Adoptable 3000mm.

450 Series Catchpit Chamber

Model Ref:Main Pipework Connections (mm)Optional Size Inlets (mm)Overall Depth A (mm)Inlet Invert B (mm)Depth to soffit C (mm)Approx. Weight (Kg)
AICCP450160150MDB (Base)150, 160150, 1607304402608.5
AICCP450160150MDB/1150, 160150, 160105576558514.5
AICCP450160150MDB/1.5150, 160150, 16015701280110019
AICCP450160150MDB/2150, 160150, 16019801690151024.5
AICCP450160150MDB/2.4150, 160150, 16023952105192529.5
AICCP450160150MDB/3150, 160150, 16029102620244036

450 Series Inspection Chamber

Model Ref:Main Pipework Connections (mm)Optional Size Inlets (mm)Overall Depth A (mm)Inlet Invert B (mm)Approx. Weight (Kg)
AIC450150MDB (Base)1501505004435.5

600 Series Inspection Chamber

Model Ref:Main Pipework Connections (mm)Optional Size Inlets (mm)Overall Depth A (mm)Inlet Invert B (mm)Approx. Weight (Kg)
AIC600150MDB (Base)1501505384988

▪ Chambers over 1000mm soffit depth require our reduction/restriction caps to meet DCG.
▪ Inlet Invert measurements accurate to main channel socket. This measurement will vary depending on pipework used.