Some unbelievable statistics come to hand: figures from the Local Authority Road Maintenance survey suggest that on average, 12,500 holes are dug in each authority’s roads each year. This equates to a total of over two million sets of roadworks across England and Wales – or one for every 200 yards of local authority road. Is it any wonder that most of us seem to spend hours every week stuck in traffic? From the perspective of a Drainage product manufacturer, I find it all the more depressing as the techniques of trenchless technology are now so advanced, that much of the surface disruption could be avoided. All it would take would be client insistence on trenchless installation and a more widespread adoption of new technology by contractors. Sometimes – at shallow depths etc- trenchless technology is much more expensive than open cut installation- but often it is not. Sadly, I have to report that most of the sales of Denlok, the Naylor microtunnelling pipe are going overseas, where the social and economic costs of surface disruption seem to be taken into account in a way that they are not in the UK and where contractors seem more willing to embrace new technologies. Edward Naylor, Chief Executive Naylor Industries Plc