Training, training and more training!

PrepCatch the sheep!Practicemore practiceEnd resultTa dah!                               This week has all been about learning and practicing shearing sheep (poor things) a big massive thank you to Doug Lambie and Ed (Shearer) of the British Wool Training Team (and the sheep) for persevering with me this week at Chatsworth. I have the bruises to prove how hard work this is! I think after 3 days of training I have earned a manicure and a large G&T to help me get ready for the big day – put it in your diary, June 16th at Cannon Hall Farm Barnsley, it’s me v’s the sheep! Thank you again to everyone who has kindly sponsored me, if you would like to make a donation that would be amazing, please just click this link and you will be taken to my Virgin Money Giving page.