The latest five years have been brutal for the UK construction sector although thankfully, 2013 seems to have marked something of a turning point. One of the Naylor responses to a bombed out UK construction market was to beef up the export department and look further afield. Not that all overseas markets had equal potential. Parts of Western Europe were in even worse shape than Britain – the Spanish construction industry seemed to be in a particular mess. But we found other areas of the world – Eastern Europe, SE Asia, the Gulf, even parts of Africa – which had considerable promise. Exporting isn’t an instant fix: establishing a new market overseas is a drawn out process, which requires patience and perseverance. Finding the right agent or trading partner inevitably involves trial and error and selling products overseas often necessitates re-testing by local certification bodies. At the same time, we have had some great successes and it was particularly gratifying to win the recent Yorkshire Exporter of the Year Award at the recent Yorkshire business awards. Edward Naylor, Chief Executive Naylor Industries Plc