Thermachem Applications and Case Studies

Naylor Thermachem is used wherever additional chemical or temperature resistance is required for your effluent or trade drainage system. The most common applications are highlighted below:

Clean In Place (CIP) Drainge in the Food and Drink, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries – In these industries CIP is used as a method of cleaning tanks, vessels and pipelines where product is processed, transported or stored. A hot mixture of cleaning chemicals often including sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), nitric acid and phosphoric is used for sterilisation after each production batch. These chemicals will be discharged to a treatment tank so they can be treated and Thermachem is often used for these drainage runs. Industries that will use CIP include dairies, breweries, distilleries, soft drinks, fruit juices, bakeries, fragrances, desserts, preserves, sauces and pharmaceutical to name just a few. For case studies with Thermachem used in CIP please see below:

Buxton Water Case Study

Everards Brewery Case Study

Boiler Blow Down takes place in the steam fired power generation industry and occurs when steam is blow out of the boiler to prevent the build of any solids in the boiler. In addition to the high temperatures that are discharged from releasing steam boiler blow downs can also include chemicals which are used to change the properties of the boiler water to improve boiler performance. Naylor Thermachem is used to handle the hot and chemically active discharges from boilers. For case studies with Thermachem used in Boiler Blow Down please see below:

Allerton Waste Recovery Case Study 

Battlefield EFW Case Study

Naylor Thermachem is often used for Laboratory drainage. In higher education settings such as science colleges and universities and in science parks and industrial laboratories strong chemical discharges can take place and often include a very wide mix of chemicals. With its ability to withstand chemicals in the full pH range Thermachem is well suited to handle the wide range of potential chemical discharges from labs. For case studies of Thermachem used in laboratory projects please see below:

Thames Valley Science Park Case Studies

Further applications for Thermachem include any areas with chemical processing or storage where any chemical leaks would attack other pipe materials and where any chemical discharge is made as a by-product of a manufacturing process. Similar to the use in CIP areas Thermachem is also used for sterilastion plants where aggressive cleaning chemicals are used, often to sterilise medical devices.

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