Team Naylor have raised 1000 Action Tracker Alert Cards!

Each divisional Managing Director nominated the best cards raised in their area from the first 1000 cards raised since the introduction of the Action Tracker Alert Cards as a joint incentive by the Employee Forum, Green Team and H&S Team. Roll on the next 1000 cards! Nomination of the best cards raised went to: Band-Seal – Craig Machen Replacement of lead flashing around front door, this has eliminated water dripping under the door, solving the issues of slippery floor at the point of access and improved the appearance of the building. Gardenware – Barry Crawshaw Improvements in external lighting around the gardenware shed, this has improved safety fro drivers working at night. Clayware – Dave Beevers/Kevin Newton Blind spot near the fittings dryer re fork-lift truck drivers a platform has been designed and fitted to eliminate this. Concrete – Mark Hemmingway Due to wood being left outside causing issues when exposed to the elements, e.g. wood warping, this caused problems when cutting the wood. The wood is now stored inside therefore eliminating the problem. Specialist Plastics – John Whitehouse Initiated Quality stations at each side of each line, this has helped improve calibration of equipment, uniformity of where the paperwork is located and improved their 5s score. Scotland – Michael Fairgrieve New lighting on both sides of the factory have greatly improved colleagues working environment. Each of the above winners received a £25 voucher   Top 10 card raisers were: 1st Liz Hudston £50 voucher 2nd Helen Jowitt £25 voucher 3rd Michael Proctor £25 voucher 4th Kirsty Ibbotson 5th Marc Booth 6th (joint) Tony Gill 6th (joint) Catherine Tyas 7th Alistair Barraclough 8th (joint) Neil Travis 8th (joint) Andrew Killmartin 9th Ian Taylor 10th David Waite