Smart Sponge® at British Water’s Innovation Exchange at NEC

British Water LogoNaylor Environmental’s Barry Marshall had the pleasure of attending the recent British Water, (the leading trade association representing the interests of the water and wastewater industry in the UK and overseas) Innovation Exchange last week to present the Smart Sponge® hydrocarbon & pathogen removal system. This comes hot on the heels of Barry getting the Smart Sponge® approved by Transport for London for use for hydrocarbon absorption throughout their network.
The day consisted of three different workshops for three different Thames Water Projects with a convenor responsible for each of the multi million pound projects who was accompanied by a team of leaders & engineers. A typical workshop consisted of 13 companies presented in 10 minute slots plus 2 minutes for Q and A s and at the end of the workshops all 3 groups reconvened in the main room for the achievements’ of each workshop. So the pressure was on for all the various companies to get their message across. The Thames Water teams had already discussed in closed session the possibilities of each Technology presented and if or how the Technology could be integrated into firstly the project and secondly Thames’s overall business operations.
There was a traffic light system introduced to provide clarity:
A Red light – This was a no go for either the project or Thames Water’s other businesses.
An Amber light – No go for the project, but the Technology could be introduced to Thames Water’s other businesses.
A Green light – This was a go for both the project and Thames Water’s other businesses and would be rolled out accordingly with further full presentations expected at both project and all business levels.
After a nerve racking wait, it was announced that in Barry’s group thirteen technologies were presented but just three received the coveted Green light and one of these was Smart Sponge®! This was an exceptional result with only twelve technologies overall receiving the Green light from all those presented.
Barry is already preparing his presentations to the various project teams within Thames Water and is looking forward to the next innovation exchange with Southern Water in June.
The Naylor Smart Sponge® is a completely unique technology – a true absorbent with the benefits of a non-leaching action. It uses unique innovative technology which absorbs  then locks in the polluting hydrocarbon (oils) and can absorb up to FIVE times its own weight of hydrocarbons, transforming the contaminant into a solid waste with lower disposal costs. The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) imposes a duty on the UK government to achieve certain objectives with regard to the protection of the quality of stormwater bodies throughout the UK. Naylor Environmental’s Smart Sponge is able to help to comply with the requirements of the WFD to remove hydrocarbons as well as other pollutants such as E-Coli & other dangerous pathogens.