Am I the only manufacturer of Building Materials who finds passing many building sites a profoundly depressing experience? We go to great lengths to improve productivity, have the best possible quality control, pack with the utmost care, only to see our materials mistreated and abused. Whilst increasing numbers of our customers’ sites do seem to be tidy and well-organised, there are still many which are not. I recently passed a site whose main materials seemed to be Marshalls flagstones and Naylor Twin Wall ducting- these were strewn all over the site and not a small proportion of both seemed to be damaged, squashed or filthy. Site waste was an issue flagged up by the Egan and Latham reports many years ago and in fairness, many construction companies took the message and smartened up their act. But many didn’t. My impression is that there is some correlation between those companies, whose buyers are most concerned with squeezing the last 2 or 3% out of the purchase price and those whose sites squander 20 and 30% of the materials they buy- very galling! Edward Naylor, Chief Executive Naylor Industries Plc