Secondary Process

Our manufacturing expertise in different post extrusion applications has been extended by customer requirements over the years.  We have provided solutions wherever tubes have been needed to be altered.


  • Rectangular Sections
  • Square Sections
  • Round Sections

Secondary Processes:

  • Drilled
  • Slotted
  • Chamfered
  • Precision Cutting
  • Internal or External Threads
  • Punching

Our secondary operation department also allows us to drill holes to an agreed tolerance against supplied drawings.  We have matching capabilities to chamfer or mark your extrusion, a specialist machine can put an internal or external thread on any round tube with a wall thickness of 5mm or more.

We can slot tubes on their ends as a lock mechanism or within its length if required.  These operations allow us to offer a product/components to fit our customer requirements.  Certain materials can be re-formed to produce a flat or oval end, angled end cuts can be done to achieve your desired finish whilst a double angle end cut on a profile will achieve a point if required.

We are pleased to discuss any new ideas to develop your products.