Plastic Tube Applications

Naylor Specialist Plastics manufacture plastic tubes and pipes for every conceivable application!  These are just some of the areas our products are used:


  • Visor hinge pins
  • ”L’ sections
  • Spring retainers
  • Corrugated conduit
  • Cover tubes


  • HDPE pipes to 200mm OD for irrigation
  • LDPE tubes for irrigation water and non-potable applications
  • Tubing for pesticide sprays
  • Pump Tubes
  • Turf Core Tubes
  • Dewatering Tubes
  • Round Brisket Boards
  • Cover Tubes for Steel
  • Support Frames


  • Roof vent ducting
  • Non-gas carrying pipe sleeves
  • Drill core sheaths
  • Drain rods
  • Electrical Cable Ducting in coils/sticks
  • Fibre Optic ducting (up to 500m coils)
  • Street Lighting Orange Duct
  • Traffic Signal Orange Duct
  • Coloured Bollards
  • Insulation Tubes
  • HDPE Singlewall flexible small bore corrugated duct
  • Flexible PVC/LDPE sheath
  • High tension cover tubes/grout tubes
  • Spacer cord
  • Bespoke couplings

Sports and Leisure

  • Golf Ball Collectors
  • Fishing Rod Protection Cases
  • Flagsticks
  • Rake Handles
  • Birdcage Perches
  • Dart Packaging
  • Hula Hoops
  • Rainwater Diverting Tubes

Traffic Management

Posts made from HDPE in most colours including florescent

  • Square Posts and Planks
  • Translucent Beacon Diffusers
  • Hand Held Sign Posts
  • Warehouse Traffic Management Protection Systems
  • Barriers
  • Floor Stops
  • Bollards and Bollard Cover Tubes

Printing, Packaging and Textile

Plastic core tubes available in PP, HPDE, Styrene or ABS for winding

  • Carpet
  • Plastic Film
  • Pipe Wipes
  • Plastic Bags
  • Plastic Packaging Tubes
  • Flexibles
  • Foils
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Package Latts
  • Product Carrying Tubes
  • Product Protection Tubes

General Industry

  • PP Welding Rod
  • Board Carrying Tape Edge Belts
  • Formed Dipper Tubes
  • Vent Tubes
  • Shelf Spacer Legs
  • Pneumatic Conveyors
  • PVC Cord
  • Flexible PVC Strip
  • Packing Tubes
  • Cage/Storage Protection Tubes
  • Split Protection Tubes
  • Barrier/Bollard Systems
  • Dip Tubes
  • Fabrication Tubes
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Flexible EVA and PVC Tubes


  • Polypropylene Pushfit Waste Pipes
  • PVC and ABS Solvent Weld Waste Pipes
  • Electrical Cable Ducting in Coils/Sticks
  • Fibre Optic Ducting (up to 500m coils)
  • Singlewall Flexible Small Bore Corrugated Duct HDPE
  • Electrical Cable Conduit Polypropylene
  • Hot and Cold Water Pipe Duct
If it’s tubular – we can make it!