Naylor Concrete Lintels

In response to the ever-changing building industry we offer a wide range of concrete lintels including:

  • Fair Faced
  • Fire Specification
  • High Strength
  • Economy
  • Bespoke Solutions

Together with any other concrete product which can be produced.  This has resulted in an excellent specialist service, which enables us to make anything in concrete to order.  If you have a concrete product requirement – we have the solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • The widest range of any Prestressed Lintels available from one manufacturer in the UK
  • A nationwide delivery service and nationwide prices, regardless of site destination
  • Guaranteed quality and consistency
  • A simple pricing policy, you only pay per metre so there are no extra charges for a specific length
  • All lintels are clearly marked, removing any risk on site that the wrong lintel might be built in
  • An unrivalled specials service where we can manufacture any design, length or strength of lintel that you require
  • Lintel Scheduling service available
  • All Lintels are a minimum 30 minutes Fire Resistance

Design Service:

A technical service is available, advice and guidance can gladly be given for any particular requirements and applications. Lintel calculations and schedules can be provided from working drawings and solutions offered. All proposed calculations and schedules need to be checked by the incumbent structural engineer.

Drawings can be emailed directly to: or or to discuss call: 0800 5424192.