Thermachem Range

Thermachem Pipe Installation


Naylor Thermachem is a chemical and temperature resistant drainage system that is used to handle the discharge of hot and/or aggressive effluents that would cause corrosion, disfigure or cause thermal shock cracking in standard drainage materials.

Thermachem pipes are manufactured from a chemical stoneware that provides resistance to chemicals in the full pH range including those regularly used in industrial applications such as phosphoric acid, nitric acid and caustic soda. Thermachem pipes have a very dense pipe body which enables them to handle very high temperatures and thermal shock of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Thermachem pipes are plain ended and jointed with our range of coupling options to suit the chemicals and temperatures on any specific project. For details on the coupling options please refer to our couplings page here.

For details of the chemical resistance of the Thermachem pipes and different coupling options please contact us on for advice and guidance. You can refer to our chemical resistance chart here.

The Thermachem range is used in industrial applications to handle chemical and/or high temperature discharges. Common applications include CIP drainage in the food and drink, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, boiler blow down drainage in the power generation industry, chemical handling, processing and storage areas and laboratory drainage. For further details on the applications and to see relevant case studies please have a look at our applications page here.