Naylor's new urban sewer solution available in sizes 150mm, 225mm and 300mm. Developed with strength, versatility and reliability in mind, MetroSewer offers an unrivalled and comprehensive foul water and surface water system with Naylor's excellent reputation for reliability, quality and value.

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MetroSewer meets the requirements of both EN 13476 (Piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage and WIS 4-35-01 (Specification for thermoplastics structured wall pipes – supplementary test requirements) guaranteeing resistance to internal puncture, water-jetting and the ability to meet longitudinal bending requirements. 

Designed for adoptable sewer systems with a wide range of accessories, including bends, junctions and tees, MetroSewer is able to fully furnish all of your civils and groundworks requirements in both public and private operations.

MetroSewer can be used in applications which require compliance with CDM (England), Sewers for Scotland and Sewers for Adoption (Wales). 

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