Why We Need Residential Drainage

Our drainage systems:

  • Control surface water
  • Create sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs)
  • Collect and control blue/green roofs
  • Can be used for blue and storm water

Housing Project Solutions



MetroDrain pipes are used to collect and dispose of surface and sub-surface storm water. Perfectly designed for environmental water management, MetroDrain products can be used with pumps and sampling chambers, catchpits, soakaways, manholes and storm water attenuation systems.



Our non-BBA twin wall drainage pipe system, N-Drain is available in solid carrier drain, fully perforated or half perforated* designs. Although N-Drain is a ‘non-sealed’ system, seals can be used to prevent soil ingress.


MetroDuct Twinwall System

MetroDuct is our premium Ducting System. Naylor MetroDuct Twinwall ducting offers the advantages of a lightweight flexible product combined with high strength and durability.



Aquavoid Metro enables efficient attenuation of stormwater run off at or near its source in accordance with current best management practice. If specified without a geomembrane, the system can also be used as a soakaway.



Enviroflow is a filtration and ground stabilisation solution designed for land drainage. Manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics, the Enviroflow product uses advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater in any direction without clogging.



New for 2024 comes MetroSewer - Naylor's new urban sewer solution available in sizes 150mm, 225mm and 300mm. Developed with strength, versatility and reliability in mind, MetroSewer offers an unrivalled and comprehensive foul water and surface water system with Naylor's excellent reputation for reliability, quality and value.