Naylor restructures product portfolio

Following the introduction of a new brand identity and the expansion of its product range with the launch of its first sewer solutions, Naylor has announced the restructuring of its product portfolio into four product categories: Drain, Duct, Sewer and Storm.

The new categories are designed to better reflect Naylor’s product offer and to support the launch of new products as the business continues to invest significantly in manufacturing and product development to meet the needs of existing markets and growth sectors such as power and sewer.

Products covered in the new categories comprise:

· Drain: A range of high-density polyethylene (HPDE) high performance pipe products including its flagship MetroDrain range. Naylor’s drainage systems are designed for use with all non-pressure, surface and sub-surface drainage applications and include all land drainage.

· Duct: Technically advanced and comprehensive ranges of plastic ducting systems including Naylor’s market-leading MetroDuct range. Naylor’s duct offer includes both twin wall HDPE and PVC ranges as well as class 1 and class 2 duct for use in power related applications.

· Sewer: Naylor’s recently launched MetroSewer range of adoptable sewer solutions which are designed to deliver superior strength and versatility, and which exceed the robust performance standards expected in the adoptable sewer market.

· Storm: A range of storm water solutions which includes SmartSponge, for the absorption of hydrocarbons and oil derivatives; AquaVoid which is designed for water attenuation; EnviroFlow, a filtration and ground stabilisation solution designed for land drainage, and GroundGrid, a grass or gravel grid paving system.

Each product category will also have a new colour-led identity which encompasses the new Naylor brand identity. For more information about Naylor solutions and to download Naylor’s new range leaflets, visit