Naylor Launches MetroSewer

Naylor has announced the launch of ‘MetroSewer’ – its first range of sewer solutions. Made from durable, high quality polypropylene, MetroSewer comprises a structured wall pipe system for use in adoptable and non-adoptable foul water sewer applications.

Designed to ensure complete peace of mind in sewer applications that are required to meet the rigorous testing requirements of the water industry, the MetroSewer system comprises plain ended pipes in sizes 150mm, 225mm and 300mm as well as couplings, bends, junctions, EN1401-1 adaptors, reducers and end caps.

MetroSewer meets the requirements of both EN 13476-3 and WIS 4-35-01 (Water Industry Specification for thermoplastics structured wall pipes) guaranteeing resistance to internal puncture, water-jetting and the ability to meet longitudinal bending requirements. It is also compliant with Sewers for Adoption, Sewers for Scotland and OFWATs Design and Construction Guidance.

Other key benefits include: the flexibility to tolerate ground movement without damage while withstanding the combined effects of backfill and loading; a high level of chemical resistance to the wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils and a smooth bore for good hydraulic performance.

Andy Buchan, Marketing Director of Naylor, comments: “The development of MetroSewer demonstrates our commitment to ensuring we design and manufacture products which are engineered for life and which meet key customer needs. MetroSewer extends our product offer and sits alongside our flagship MetroDrain range. The design team at Naylor has spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that MetroSewer significantly exceeds the robust performance standards expected in the adoptable sewer market.”

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