Tooling investment moves Naylor closer to Zero Carbon

A recent investment by Naylor Industries in the design and manufacture of new tooling for the manufacture of Naylor’s 150mm diameter twinwall coupler has delivered a 50% reduction in energy consumption and doubled production capacity.

Reflecting its commitment to innovation and investment, the tooling replaces a single impression tool which had come to the end of its life.  Instead of purchasing a standard replacement, Naylor Industries asked its new product development team to design new tooling which would improve and refine the previous design whilst delivering improved production efficiencies and reducing the company’s environmental impact. The new tooling is now operational at Naylor Industries’ Wombwell manufacturing facility.

Helen MacIntosh, Technical Director for Naylor Industries, comments: 

“Our experienced and knowledgeable new product development team is working continuously on R&D activities which drive product development and the creation of market-leading manufacturing techniques to improve production efficiency and sustainability.  The redesign of this tooling is just one of many R&D projects which they are undertaking to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reduce our carbon emissions.  Completed over a period of six months, the project required our new product development team to stretch the limits of established design principles to achieve a more robust as well as well as efficient tool, and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.”