Naylor Drainage: Ranked No.1 supplier for National Highways

Naylor Drainage and its flagship product range, ‘MetroDrain’, has been ranked No.1 by National Highways for its work with the Tier One contractors. National Highways operate a dynamic Supplier Panel of three as the allocation model which Naylor were successful in the process. As an appointed supplier Naylor is now supporting a number of projects due to start work in 2024.

National Highways ranked Naylor No.1 due to its tender performance which not only covered commercial arrangements, including logistics and service delivery, but also, the company adherence to health & safety, the approach to reducing carbon and the work in achieving net zero and sustainability, and importantly its social value activities. The organisation was also impressed by Naylor’s product redevelopment ambitions aimed at both range offer and reducing carbon in the manufacturing process.

Designed to collect and dispose of surface and sub-surface storm water, Naylor’s MetroDrain range is perfectly designed for environmental water management and can be used with pumps and sampling chambers, catchpits, soakaways, manholes and storm water attenuation systems. 

MetroDrain pipes meet the specific requirements of the National Highways Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works and can be adopted under the Highways Act.  Available in sizes 150mm to 1050mm, MetroDrain pipe can be supplied with fittings ranging in size between 150mm and 600mm. To ensure availability and to support Tier 1 contractors, the MetroDrain range is stocked nationwide by a range of merchants and distributors.

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