Naylor win regional HSBC award

The Global Connections programme is an annual award sponsored by HSBC which aims to identify and reward the UK’s most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses. The awards this year had 1,600 entrants across 5 regions and two categories- Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Mid-Market (MME). We were shortlisted in the North and Scotland MME category and the awards dinner was held in Manchester on 18 June. We won our category and are now one of five MME’s through to the National final which will be held in Scotland in September. The award recognised the progress that we have made in launching new products and businesses after a difficult time in the early 1990’s. Last year we recorded growth of 21%, and this year we are on track for similar growth, which would push turnover to £50m. Edward Naylor, puts the success down to a blend of “paternalism with professionalism”. “We like the sense of stability that comes with a family business – but we also see ourselves as professional innovators who launch new products,” he says. “We have six divisional managing directors who have as much autonomy as possible. We want them to be entrepreneurs. “And we’ve tried very hard to avoid bureaucracy. We act quickly on good ideas, so we’ve been able to bring products to market with a speed of action which is hard for larger companies to emulate.” The Global Connections judges praised Naylor’s outstanding engagement with staff. “It shows a passion for innovation, but also a real sustainability,” they added. The main challenge we face is getting the balance right- maintaining momentum but not trying to do more than available resources permit: The HSBC award comes with up to £6m in lending and a financial reward of £120,000. We plan to invest our reward in increasing capacity of our high performance pipe systems to allow us to service new markets overseas. Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico are short-term priorities, while Malaysia and Sri Lanka also feature on the hit list. And as a result of attending the finalists’ International Exchange in Istanbul, we have made contacts in Turkey and plan to take our products to a trade show there in 2015.