Naylor sign up for the Made In Barnsley Ambassador programme

Made in BarnsleyWe have pledged its commitment to a new venture to help Barnsley’s youth become better learners and better workers of the future! The “Made In” Ambassador programme is the brainchild of The Company of Cutlers Education Programme and began its life in Sheffield, successfully developing over 400 children to become Ambassadors for the city. Young people are selected by interview to take a coveted place and over a two to three year period, receive mentoring, work skills, careers advice and work experience opportunities. Successful Ambassadors receive an accolade that is recognised by future employers – singling them out as having great potential and readiness for the world of work. On the back of this success, the programme is being expanded to include Made in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham. Bridie Warner-Adsetts, Naylor’s Chief Operating Officer said “At last a programme dedicated to Barnsley’s young people.  It is a tough work schedule for those who taking part and there’s no escaping the hard work. They have been chosen for their potential not their background or their expected grades. We can’t wait to be part of this opportunity to develop the talent of the future and who knows what these young people could go on to deliver to the world. We may have the next Nobel Prize winner right here in Barnsley!”. Around 50 Year 9 students across 5 schools in Barnsley are taking part in this first round. Naylor Industries plc, Henry Boot Construction, Pressure Technologies plc, Barnsley Health Care Federation and the Work-Wise Foundation are already signed up to help the Company of Cutlers deliver high quality work experience and support over the next two years or so in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and health care. These fields of work were chosen to reflect the growing career opportunities in our community. The participants will get a taster of all these work environments to enable them to make informed decisions about potential future careers and to dismiss any preconceived ideas they may have about the variety of opportunities available. Pictured: Naylor Industries’ Business Champions: Steve Wainwright (New Product Development Manager); Dan Wain (Health & Safety Advisor); Janice Holmes (Credit Manager); Danny Kelly (Design Technician) at the Made in Barnsley launch hosted by Barnsley College on 21/9/16.