Welcome to Naylor Knowledge!

To access Naylor Knowledge: you will be sent an email inviting you to activate your Naylor Knowledge account and how to access and navigate the platform – your e-learning journey will then begin.

Naylor Knowledge Introduction


You can find an introduction to Naylor Knowledge here.

Naylor Knowledge Tailored Learning


Every course is carefully selected for each individual.

Naylor Knowledge Bite-size


Bite-sized – can be accessed at any time – learning is on tap, whether you have 5 or 50 minute spare.

Flexible – you can log on via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


Naylor Knowledge Rewarding


You will gain virtual trophies as your e-learning journey progresses and in any quarter where you complete non-standard training, you will be entered into a quarterly draw to win a cash reward.

Naylor Knowledge Trophies Naylor Knowledge Wallet

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