Naylor Flexible Ventilation Ducting

The world of flexible ventilation ducting was a new one to Naylor until we acquired Amco Plastics a couple of months ago – but not to Amco Plastics. The business was originally set up to supply ventilation ducting to the mining and tunnelling industries as an off-shoot of the Amco engineering business. Since then, like Naylor, the company has broadened its horizons and now additionally supplies ducting to sectors as diverse as the leisure, cable, flooring, DIY and even pet training sectors, as well as having a major plastic extrusion business. That the engineering aspect to the business remains important however is evidenced in recent major involvement in the Crossrail project. Firstly, the product. There are essentially two ranges – the welded – Amflex, and the stitched – Spiraflex. Amflex is a wire reinforced flexible ducting system, which by dint of the welding process in manufacturing is air-tight – no air, water or condensation escapes. This makes it ideal for applications such as air conditioning (cool air ducting), portable heating devices (warm air ducting) and the extraction of hazardous materials (extraction ducting). The product is available in lengths up to 20m and diameters from 200-1600mm; it can deal with temperatures from -40°C to +300°C. Spiraflex stitched ducting, whilst not fully air-tight, allows the movement of air from -20°C to +95°C, and is similarly versatile with a large range of applications. These include warm air movement, aircraft cabin pre-heating, building drying, cooling, moisture control, crop drying, ventilation, oil mist/fume extraction etc. Spiraflex has also found use as a dog agility tunnel and a kids’ play tunnel. The wide range of applications and the flexible manufacturing process which allows different colours to be produced in different lengths using different materials will ensure that this remains a growing part of the Naylor Amco offering. Edward Naylor, Chief Executive,  Naylor Industries plc