Naylor do the Great British Bake Off!

Naylor_red_nose_day_2015A dozen of the Cawthorne’s finest bakers participated in a bake-off to raise money for Comic Relief. The winner was HR Manager Helen Waller whose Crème Egg cake proved particularly popular with judges Edward Naylor and Ruth Moran.       Naylor_red_nose_day_2015_11Naylor Specialist Plastics also took part. John, pictured here made some chocolate cornflake cakes with white chocolate drops and marshmallows, Nurinder and her niece Amani baked a triple chocolate cake, and Nurinder’s  daughter contributed a banana cake.         Naylor_red_nose_day_2015_7Naylor_red_nose_day_2015_12  Naylor_red_nose_day_2015_10Naylor_red_nose_day_2015_9