Naylor Denlok is now Ashghal Approved!

Following a twelve month process, Naylor Denlok has been awarded product approval by the Qatar Ashghal Drainage Network Projects Department.  We can now offer Naylor Denlok to the $182bn valued Qatar Construction market. Ashghal is the Public Works Authority of Qatar and was established  in 2004 as an autonomous body to design, deliver and manage all infrastructure related projects of the State. Ashghal is responsible for the construction and maintenance of local roads, drainage systems, highways and public buildings. For any company to supply materials to any project in Qatar they must be Ashghal Approved. A technical submission of Naylor Denlok was assessed by the commercial and technical board of Ashghal , presentations were made to the approval board in Qatar and a factory audit of the manufacturing, testing and quality assurance process was undertaken by engineers from Ashghal.