MetroDrain LC

We’ve developed a new pipe. It’s called MetroDrain LC. The ‘LC’ stands for low carbon. 48% less carbon in fact, than our current MetroDrain product. Still all of the performance, yet nearly half the carbon. So, our new pipe fits perfectly in a world where a more sustainable future is critical, where every move our industry makes is scrutinised to ensure we help make this happen, and a world where natural beauty is on offer for generations to come.


The more sustainable drainage pipe, with future generations in mind

As part of the Naylor range of High Density Polyethelene high performance twin wall pipes, the new MetroDrain LC stormwater and surface water drainage pipe has been developed to meet our commitment towards a more sustainable future.

Designed for use with all non-pressure, surface and sub-surface drainage applications, MetroDrain LC is wholly manufactured using a recycled and recyclable polymer which reduces its carbon make-up by almost half compared to the current pipe, where only the outer wall is made from recycled polymer.

Less carbon, no loss of performance

Lightweight, up to 6% of the weight of legacy concrete products, new MetroDrain LC is easy to install, handle and transport. Its smooth bore for superior hydraulic flow is complemented by a corrugated outer wall for additional strength and durability, and offers excellent resistance to ground settlement, impact, and abrasion – whilst displaying no reduction in stiffness, jetting resistance or joint performance.

Meticulously constructed, MetroDrain LC has undergone stringent testing, and it has all the credentials to perform in any drainage application.

Fully compatible for seamless performance

MetroDrain LC is fully compatible with all MetroDrain fittings in the Naylor range and can be part of a fabricated system to ensure an end-to-end solution. Our fabrication service team can help you with the design of your MetroDrain LC system to include bespoke catchpits, manholes, fittings, and flow control chambers.

Naylor sustainability

For over 130 years, Naylor has been supporting the UK construction industry with high quality plastic pipes and is one of the UK’s largest users of recycled HDPE. Our recycled/reprocessed materials are incorporated into our products where possible and technically permissible without compromising quality.

Of the 1000 tonnes of polymer we consume each month, 40% is recycled material.

We source recycled and recyclable materials as locally as possible, requiring less energy to transport and process materials