We made the front cover of Trenchless Works!

Denlok_Trenchless Works

We graced the front cover of this months Trenchless Works where we announced that after 12 months of intensive engineering improvements involving significant cash investment, our Denlok Clay jacking pipe manufacturing capacity has increased 3-fold to ensure the requirements of both the UK and Export markets can be fully satisfied.

The production facility revamp was undertaken after a full review of the Denlok production process and the investment was made to address various capacity constraints. Capital investments to improve the process included the installation of improved handling equipment, modernisation and refurbishment of pipe-end grinding machines, new coupling fitting machinery and improved product testing.

The good news outcome for No-Dig installation contractors is that as of today, DN150 to DN300 Denlok pipes in 1 metre lengths will be consistently available directly from stock. Other sizes will remain on a ‘made-to-order’ basis but with significantly reduced lead-times.