Looking for a supply partner


Naylor Specialist Plastics are a division within Naylor Industries Plc, manufacturing and selling a wide range of pipes and profiles as an independent division within the group.

We are in the process of entering the commercial sector of the UK and Ireland Landfill industry

We are keen to explore the opportunity in having a distributor within this market sector, to promote and sell our range of products into this industry. Ideally we would welcome a partner who has the range of other products that compliments our range

The key product we are looking to promote would be our full range of polyethylene pipes, straight lengths and coils.

All pipes are manufactured in Tipton, West Midlands, and have been independently third party tested. SDR26, 17.6 and 11 are all available as standard and are available in Virgin or regenerated. As a manufacturer we are keen to assist in the marketing as a joint venture and we can assist with potential client target lists.

If you would be keen to discuss this opportunity then please feel free to contact Dave Jenkinson, 07387321546.

It is also our intention to follow the Landfill distribution with a similar agreement for the UK rail sector so please look out for that opportunity