Coronavirus… & abnormal times

Naylor Cawthorne Site

Over the course of the last week, we have done everything we can to minimise the number of people who are coming onto our sites (to reduce the potential spread of the Coronavirus) whilst maintaining the capability of manufacturing products essential to the needs of the country.

We are however still open. All 5 of our sites have retained a skeleton sales/logistics capability which allows us to take, process & fulfil orders throughout the pandemic. We have ample stock on most sites; in so far as there are any restrictions on eg vehicle numbers, we are prioritising deliveries onto NHS/Healthcare projects.

As regards manufacturing:

Barugh Green/Methil factories have closed. Stock levels should be adequate to cover essential healthcare/infrastructure works; Methil can draw on Cawthorne in the event of abnormal requirements.

Manufacturing operations on the other 3 sites continue within the bounds of safety guidelines:

Cawthorne Plastics is manufacturing until 3 April after which a skeleton team will operate. Short-term, we are focused on manufacturing enough volume of product to support essential healthcare/infrastructure works over coming weeks.

Clay is operating with reduced manning but we believe has resource adequate to service essential works.

Specialist Plastics is making a number of products used in healthcare construction or provision: these include

-ventilation duct – being manufactured for 3 NHS projects
-cable filler – for cabling works on new & temporary hospital/healthcare projects in the UK, Italy etc.

Our bespoke tube making capabilities (8mm-315mm) are highly relevant to those involved in emergency sourcing. We have responded to the government’s call for help building ventilators & to an appeal for plastic tubing for oxygen distribution at a temporary hospital

We are proud of our employees, whether involved directly or indirectly in the manufacture or supply of these products.

Our other news seems minor by comparison- and a long time ago! It’s hard to believe that as recently as 3 or 4 weeks ago, nobody had heard of social distancing and we slightly cringed at the photos of groups receiving certificates, at exhibitions etc within 2 metres of each other, but here they are…