Chemical Couplings

The range of Thermachem chemically resistant Band-Seal couplings offers the chemical and process industries the advantage of a modern, mechanical, flexible jointing system for any plain end pipe system, including Naylor’s Thermachem’ range of thermal shock and chemically resistant pipes.

Elastomeric Sleeve

Manufactured in EPDM or NITRILE conforming to BS EN681-1.

Shear Clamping Bands

Manufactured in corrosion Grade 1.4301 (304) resistant austenitic stainless steel to BS EN10088- 2. Where external contamination demands a higher quality stainless, this can be supplied to order.

Fluoropolymer Liner

A one piece seamless FEP element located within the elastomeric sleeve. Expanded PTFE secondary seals ensure a leak tight joint between FEP and the pipe. For the best results and to ensure a close fit between the liner and pipe, the FEP liner is heat shrunk on site. The liner and seal are chemically inert and resistant to virtually all chemicals.

Standard Couplings

Used for jointing pipes of the same outside diameter.

Adaptor Couplings

Available where pipes of different diameter require connecting.