TrackGuard® Panels


TrackGuard® is a tough re-usable extruded mesh panel which is designed to protect grassed areas from damage by heavy vehicles. Ideally suited for providing access to construction sites, TrackGuard® has a high profile providing extra grip for both wheeled and tracked vehicles. Weighing less than 10kg per panel they can support vehicle weights up to 20 tonnes dependent on ground conditions.

Available in a panels:

Panel size 2.05m x 1.2m, weight 9.9kg, with a mesh size of 25 x 25mm in black. It has a 300g non woven needle punched geotextile bonded to it and is secured by steel pins (25 per pack) with one pack per 2 panels required.

Features and benefits

  • Quick and easy to install on top of existing grass
  • Supports all kind of traffic, particularly heavy vehicles
  • Heavy duty UV stabilised polymer grid resists deformation and fracture


  • Access by construction plant


To install simply lay panel down and secure with fixing pins. It can be either used for temporary protection or if left in position the grass will grow through the mesh providing a stable and green environment. This product can also be used in farm and field gateways. Secure TrackGuard® to the ground with 8mm fixing pins, you will require approximately 12 pins per panel.. For full Installation & technical advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 01226 794135.

Additional Information