Special Lintels


The Naylor Special Lintels Range is a contractor’s answer to casting items on-site.  We can cast any lintel or concrete product so you get consistent quality and reduce all the risk associated with on-site casting.  This range is not only for bespoke concrete lintels such as curved on plan, curved on elevation, recessed and notched units, cast-in inserts or unusual shaped or design of lintels, but also for padstones, cover slabs, concrete walling solutions, concrete supports, beams and anything else you as a self builder, contractor or civil engineer may require.  If your design requires concrete product then we can make it.

Our technical team are happy to give practical help and guidance and where required individual designs and calculations can be provided.

Scope of manufacture:

  • Weight – max 4 tonnes
  • Width – max 2 metres

Additional Information