NaylorPave Porous Paving Tiles


NaylorPave is the first unique full surface porous paver, manufactured in a controlled factory environment. NaylorPave contains its own integrated patented* permeable geobase®, made from a tri-planer geonet, which provides lateral drainage in addition to the normal vertical drainage, with a contaminant lter which also facilitates weed control.

NaylorPave is hand finished with a surface layer of natural stone; the composite structure produces a tough, durable and exible paving system. The NaylorPave system can easily be laid with its unique locating component that also aligns and maintains an even surface. It can be  laid onto a strong, very durable treated porous NaylorPave membrane, with no special equipment or large machinery required, and can be laid in wet and low temperature conditions. The NaylorPave membrane prevents upward migration of fine particles, and is strong enough to prevent the penetration of most weed roots.

SuDs compliance and BREEAM credits

The UK Government has established a set of guidelines called the Sustainable Drainage Standards with the aim of ensuring that surfaces are designed and built to reduce flood risk and manage drainage in a way that is safe and responsible.

BREEAM is a detailed method used to assess sustainability of building materials and techniques. There are a potential five BREEAM credits available in connection with Naylor- Pave for its role in reducing pollution.

Additional Information

NaylorPave Standard Range

30cm x 30cm x 4cm porous tiles with a patented* integrated geobase® and natural aggregates to give a traditional gravel finish to a pedestrian or vehicular area. The units are fully SuDs compliant and allow water to freely drain through to the sub layer. The units have an integral recess to accept an alignment piece to ensure a smooth even finish to any decorative area.

NaylorPave Lite Range

NaylorPave Lite is an addition to the range, with all the features and suitability of NaylorPave, but is specially manufactured using recycled waste material, and has been designed for applications where the overall weight is an important consideration. Expanded recycled waste glass is embedded into the geobase and then NaylorPave Lite is hand finished with a surface layer of natural stone, the composite structure produces a tough, durable, flexible but lightweight paving system.