Low Pressure Pipes and Irrigation Tubes


Low Pressure Pipes – LDPE/HDPE

Low pressure pipes can be manufactured from HDPE up to 200mm in diameter to industry standard dimensional specifications such as SDR11, SDR17.6 and SDR26.  Other specific wall thicknesses can be achieved as required.  Low pressure pipes can be supplied in coils up to 75mm and lengths can be supplied as required up to 12m.

Pump tubes are supplied in 3″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ from LDPE in 5.8m and 6m lengths.  These are supplied plain ended and are suitable for the fitting of connection components.

Irrigation Tubes – LDPE/HDPE/MDPE

Irrigation tubes can be manufactured to the exact diameter required from polyethylene in any colour.  The wall thickness can be altered depending on the application. The irrigation tubes can be supplied in straight lengths or coils depending on your requirements.

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