Insulated Ducting


Our insulated ducting have many uses including including biomass drying and is manufactured from FRAS, 300mm diameter and 200mm fibreglass and made up with a spiral wound internal duct x 6m lengths, wrapped in thick insulation and sleeved in a jacket made from the same material.

They remain flexible but with a high insulation value.

These ducts can be made in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit the application required.

They are constructed from 10mm foam sewn between 2 layers of pvc and have a temperature range up to 90˚C. For higher temps we use the same method with the foam sewn between our hypalon material, which have a temperature range up to 16˚C .

Our insulated ducting is made with ring ends for joining or cuffs and bands in a variety of diameters and lengths to suit your needs.

Additional Information

NEW 70mm Insulated Duct c/w Insulated Cuff

Our 70mm insulated duct c/w insulated cuff is manufactured from a 70mm thick high specification insulated material offering performance to handle temperatures of up to 160ºC.

The insulated cuff design enables the strong metal joint to be fully insulated removing heat loss, contributing to the required high level of control. The insulated duct construction reduces heat loss whilst transporting air to highly control heat sensitive equipment.

Many other variances/options are available re temperature, diameter and length, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.