Crate Stormwater Storage Systems – Aquavoid Control Unit


The multi use crate stormwater storage system units (600mm x 600mm x 600mm) have been created with a clear 500mm x 500mm opening facility to allow their usage as silt collection devices and to accept an end plate for incoming/outgoing connections.

Advantages of Crate Stormwater Storage Systems – Aquavoid Control Unit:

  • High Load Capacity, (pedestrian, traffic & HGV use) Economic to install and maintain
  • Prevents peak flows to main drainage system Inlets/Outlets: 110,160, 200, 225 & 300mm dia pipes
  • Large Storage Capacity, 95% voids
  • Suitable for high and low groundwater situations
  • Integral silt solution
  • Reduces environmental impact of development

Additional Information

Volume 216 litres (4.63/m3)