Cool Air Ducting


Welded cool air ducting is used extensively in air conditioning applications and can be joined to create any length required.

Different products can be supplied for operation down to -40 degrees centigrade.

Benefits of Naylor Amco Plastics quality, flexible welded wire reinforced ducting:

  • Requires no alignment for the direction of flow.  Ducting can be installed in either direction with significantly lower resistance to air flow producing larger air delivery from the same fan.
  • Allows no air, water or condensation to escape due to its welded construction.  No air or air contaminants can leak out at the low points in a duct run.
  • Lengths can be conveniently joined together.  This can be achieved for low pressure/suction applications using the steel end rings supplied as standard.  For a more secure joint, separate coupling bands can be supplied on request.

In addition to a comprehensive range of standard ducting products, specials can be made to meet customer’s exact requirements.  A range of accessories are also available on request including:

  • ‘T’ pieces, ‘Y’ pieces and reducers
  • Eyeleted suspension tags which can be fitted to all types of ducting
  • Catenary suspension wire and hooks
  • Air diffusers for even distribution of air


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