Enviroflow used for Sutton Bridge Golf Club Bunker Trial

Right Hand Bunker 2nd Hole

Naylors are a company based in Yorkshire that specialise in water treatment and environmental installations. They recently acquired the U.K. Distribution for a product called Enviroflow which was initially developed in the UK and now manufactured in the U.S.A. We are informed that SBGC is the first golf club in the U.K. to test this product. One of the uses for Enviroflow is to reduce the compaction of sand in bunkers after rainfall.

The following describes the installation process:

  1. Andrew begins the digging out for the sump box which will be placed at the lowest point in the bunker. The hole is cut to approximate size and depth.
  2. The box is inserted into the hole to ensure a correct fit. The sump box will be equipped with a 12V bilge pump and exit pipe.
  3. Lee and Andrew dig the channels to accommodate the Enviroflow sections which are each 1 metre in length. Once placed in contact with each other water can travel from block to block by capillary action.
  4. The Enviroflow are directed into the sump.
  5. The sump box is prepared. The pump is put into place along with the necessary waterproof electrical connections. The top of the sump box is porous and two Enviroflow will be placed on top.
  6. The Enviroflow are placed into the channels.
  7. A herringbone pattern is made. Water from the remaining parts of the bunker will be attracted to the Enviroflow which will then drain into the sump. The Enviroflow have been laid and the sump has been buried.
  8. Water is run through to test the flow and the bilge 7. 8. pump is tested once the sump is full.
  9. Final levelling is completed and Richard Wright begins the refill process.
  10. Sand is brought in and the Enviroflow and sump are buried to a depth of 6 to 8 inches.

As of 1st November 2015 despite some heavy rainfall there has been no evidence of sand compactation.

Golfers that have been unfortunate enough to land in the bunker have reported conditions conducive to playing a proper bunker shot. The indication, so far, is that this product is doing the job which Barry Marshall from Naylors said it would.

Lee and Andrew are members of SBGC ground staff and Richard Wright is the Greens Chairman. The test was organised between Barry Marshall from Naylors and Andrew Parks from SBGC.