Naylor Thermachem drainage used on Mybster Sub-Station

The electrical infrastructure in the far North of Scotland has had to undergo significant development in order to handle the increase of energy produced in the region, particularly from on-shore wind turbines. A new substation with greater capacity has been built to handle the increases in electricity production and demand.

Naylor Thermachem drainage has been used under the transformes to handle any potential leak of napthenic oils from the transformer. Any leak could be at an elevated temperature in excess of 80 degrees Celsius and standard drainage materials would not be able to handle this aggressive oil at such high temperatures.

For the Mybster project 4 new transformers are to be built with Thermachem drainage used under each transformer bund. A run of 30 metres of Thermachem was used under each bund and then connected to

Naylor Denlok pipes in Naylor’s standard terracotta clay. Naylor’s standard clay is able to handle the aggressive nature of the napthenic oil once the Thermachem pipes had taken out the initial heat through dissipation as the oil flowed through the pipe.

The contractor on site, Edward Mackay, was impressed with Naylor’s ability to provide a relatively quick turnaround time on bespoke items and deliver several loads at once to a remote destination.