Naylor Thermachem pipes used on Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility (ERF)

The Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) is integral to the Scottish Government’s ambitions to deliver a zero waste, circular economy which encourages waste reduction, boosts recycling and recovers vital renewable energy from what remains. The Dunbar plant can handle up to 300,000 tonnes per year of waste and will generate 30MW of electricity, enough power for 39,000 homes. As with many ERF plants the facility will also generate up to 10MW of heat for local use in district heating. In addition, 55 jobs will be created in the ongoing running of the plant.

The ERF facility creates energy through incineration of the waste and subsequent generation of steam in a boiler to drive a turbine. Naylor Thermachem pipes are principally used under the boiler to handle hot steam discharges from the boiler. Steam is regularly released to prevent it condensing in the boiler and could crack traditional materials such as PVC and terracota clay pipes. Naylor Thermachem pipes can handle high temperatures and thermal shock of up to 120 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use in ERF plants.