Naylor Lintels used in construction of new Coronation Street set

Soap chiefs are moving Weatherfield from Manchester to nearby Salford so they have more space for filming.

Builders are busy recreating The Rovers Return, The Kabin and Dev’s corner shop as well as the characters’ homes down to every minute detail.

Coronation Street links up with Rosamund Street, where the medical centre is situated. Audrey’s Salon and the Street Cars office are across the road. Mawdsley Street, Webster’s Garage and Underworld are also part of the set at MediaCityUK.

Builders are laying about 11,000 cobbles, 190,000 bricks of different types and using seven colours of mortar so it looks realistic on HD TV screens.

The set was indoor when the soap began in 1960 with three-quarter-size houses and cobbles painted on the floor. It was based on a street in Salford. The previous set, almost full size and outdoor, was opened by the Queen in 1982.

The new set is full size so two cars will be able to pass each other on the Street. Construction should finish at the end of the year – so it won’t be long before the stars move to bigger things.

Broughton Brickwork used Naylor lintels whilst building the Coronation Street lots. McCorys also used Naylor lintels for the building the production building which they were responsible for.