Marshall Coaches utilise Smart Sponge® Technology

John Marshall started Marshalls Ltd of Sutton On Trent in 1989 and they have become recognised as one of the leading coach and bus operators in the East Midlands, holding the prestigious CoachMarque and Guild of British Coach operators accreditations since 2009 and 2018 respectively which are held by a small number of operators in the UK who subscribe to regular audits to ensure compliance and quality. Along side this we take health and Safety and the Environmental impact very seriously.

Operating from a site in Main Street, Sutton-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire where the head office and service centre are located along with parking for the ever growing fleet of LEZ compliant coaches.

Considering the site has no main drains to the rear of the workshop to manage stormwater runoff with this type of commercial activity Paul Marshall Engineering Director installed an upgraded bunded diesel tank and filling zone in February 2015 with the Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Brake Technology and installed the unit in the specially designed sump to capture any Hydrocarbons that may wash off from the buses but more importantly as a failsafe precaution for the bunded diesel fuel tank.

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The Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Brake Absorbs any Hydrocarbons washed into the sump from rainfall events and solidifies the liquid into a solid manageable waste , however the Smart Brake has a more challenging aspect in that should a volume of Hydrocarbons enter the system the unique Smart Sponge® Technology inside the Smart Brake unit Absorbs the Hydrocarbon and seals the outlet pipe within minutes of the incident happening therefore stopping any contamination from leaving the site and allowing a safe clean up at source.

In February 2016 after successfully completing the purchase of the old redundant Poplar Farm storage facility, Paul Marshall set about turning a section of the building into the vehicle wash area with a portable bus wash unit, this meant creating a channel drainage run inside the building to capture any silts and sediments washing off the fleet and filtered via the Naylor Enviroflow Technology prior to the liquor washing through into the 2 Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Filter units installed in the outside control chamber for final clean and polish.

The 2 Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Filters are installed for easy access and maintenance and allow Paul Marshall a monitoring aid as well as stopping any Hydrocarbons from leaving the site.

Paul commented that with the benefits of the Naylor Smart Sponge® Technologies this has allowed the company to enhance its sites with smaller compact systems capable of achieving 95% Hydrocarbon Absorption as an average and allowing a user friendly solution to what is normally an industrial problem and will continue to use this system.

Barry Marshall from Naylor Environmental was helpful and knowledgeable when it came to installing the Smart Sponge and Enviroflow system to make sure it did exactly what we required of the system.