A well known fast food chain installs Smart Sponge® Technologies

Naylor Smart Sponge® Technologies are being installed in all new drive through restaurants nationwide in an effort to reduce contamination leaving the sites.

The Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Filter Chamber Unit is the product of choice for the fast food giant with the smaller Smart Sponge® Smart Filter and Smart Brakes also being used on sites with difficult drainage options.

The unique capabilities of the Smart Filter Chamber Unit filters silts and detritus down to 28 microns through the Enviroflow technology where the liquor is then channelled into the Smart Sponge® technology which Absorbs any Hydrocarbons and captures dissolved phase Heavy Metals from catalytic convertors and brake discs, clean water is then dischargeable directly back into the network.

The system requires only flow and is installed as part of the drainage network on site therefore no additional design is required.

If you would like to learn more about how this technology can enhance your future projects please call 01226 794135 or email.