Bridie’s Photo Diary – we begin!

Welcome to my photo diary in the run up to the Master Cutler Challenge! As you may be aware I am taking part in the Master Cutler’s Challenge and even though I know absolutely nothing about sheep I have accepted the challenge to shear as many as I can on 16 June at Cannon Hall Farm – who have very kindly agreed to let me loose on their sheep. Before I go anywhere near them I have a lot of work to do like learn how to shear sheep! As well as do some serious stretching exercises (shearing requires a great deal of flexibility and a lot of bending. The British Wool Marketing Board have said that I must be able to touch the floor flat – legs straight – no cheating!)  Oh, and raise as much money as possible for this wonderful charity. If ewe would like to make a donation that would be fantastic! Please click this link to visit my Virgin Money Giving page. A helpful comment from my colleague to spur me on “This is rubbish Bridie – you’ve so far to go!” It has been pointed out to me that it might be easier if I hang up my heals 🙂 stretch_3