CSR/Green Team

At Naylor we take our corporate and social responsibility seriously. That’s why we developed our Green Team – a group of Naylor employees who meet regularly to discuss and implement not only greener ways of working and energy saving ideas but also help the company work towards our target of zero landfill.

2018 Objectives

  • Site Specification to Update
  • ISO 14001, Barugh Green Stage One Audit Autumn 2017
  • Feasibility / Project investigation into Micro generation / Wind Turbine
  • Zero Landfill
  • Tree Planting
  • Energy & Carbon Reporting
    Monthly per Division
    Water SEC – Procurement / Bill Review
    ESOS Style Data Reporting by Division
    EPC Energy Efficiency per building
  • Siemens Projects
  • Packaging Waste Regulations (Compliance)
  • Travel / Transport

Creative arts – with scrap pipes!  

We have previously reported on the good works of the Scrap Creative Reuse Arts project. Last year, we donated a van-load of ducting off-cuts & other scrap items & these went down so well that they asked us for more: we were pleased to oblige! To read more about their good works, see

SolarEdge Kiosk dashboards

Our solar panels are fitted – we just need the sun now! We can monitor how much energy the solar panels are generating at our  Cawthorne and Barugh Green sites in real time- well done to the Green Team for championing this development!

Solar Energy

As part of our Green initiative to reduce the Naylor group’s carbon footprint, we have recently made a major investment in solar panels.

Over the coming months, the panels- total cost almost £330,000- will be installed at our freehold sites at Cawthorne and Barugh. Over their service life, the panels will generate 5 million kWh of electrical energy,
saving 2,500 tonnes of CO2.

Naylor Forum on tour!

Representatives of the Employee Forum and the Green team visited Drax Power Station following an invitation from The Energy Team – Helen Jowitt, Andy Manning, David Waite, Elliot Goodman, Dan Wain, Ian Ellel, Jake McArthur and Chris Haigh. Presentations covered themes such as the new ESOS legislations, etc.

In the last 12 months we have recycled over 298 tonnes of waste at Head Office.

In 2014 78% of our waste (298 tonnes!) was recycled and a further 18% went to waste to energy power generation. Ian Steele our new Waste Management Co-ordinator located at Cawthorne hopes to improve this further with the help of our Recycling Champions and by rolling our recycling initiatives across all other sites.

SEC – Specific Energy Consumption

Over the past 12 months we have been able to monitor each divisions energy consumption on a month by month basis, this has then been measured against the total saleable tonnes of product produced in the month that gives each division a SEC figure (total energy/saleable tonnes). Using the figures from the last 12 months we can benchmark and measure each divisions performance against itself, targeting better energy utilisation.

Our Cawthorne site have harvested the first lot of compost from our on-site wormery and composters!

Power Factor!

League tables have been introduced that now monitor each divisions performance on Power Factor, this has resulted in the Tipton site implementing additional power factor correction equipment. By the group as a whole focusing on Power Factor we can ensure we cut down on unnecessary charges, maximise our available site capacities, look after all our motor and drive units and cut down on maintenance costs.


Busy Bees..

Our bees have been very busy, there are currently 11 colonies of bees on the Naylor site. Over the last season May 2014 to September 2014 they produced approximately 900lb of honey. This was a combination of spring crop from the apple blossom, blackthorn, dandelion and oilseed rape and the summer crop from clover, blackberry and willow herb.

Air leaks

A number of compressed air leaks were identified and repaired, giving the following savings:

Cawthorne: 94,703 kg of CO2, 25.8 tonnes of carbon, saving of over £18,000

Tipton: 42,287 kg of CO2, 3.94 tonnes of carbon, saving over £2,700

Scotland: 3,945 kg of CO2, 1.06 tonnes of carbon, total saving £749

Hyde: 1,315 kg of CO2, 0.35 tonnes of carbon, total saving £250


Creative Scrap Project

We have donated various items to Creative Scrap who are a social enterprise scheme based in Leeds focusing on helping the environment by reusing waste material from business as resources for art and play, so far they have taken some waste plastic pipes, old wire trays, old stickers, paper, keyboards and cardboard tubing.