Smart Sponge® & Antimicrobial Smart Sponge® Plus

Smart Sponge® contains a unique molecular structure which is chemically selective to hydrocarbons, removing up to five times its own weight. Smart Sponge® remains buoyant when saturated and encapsulates hydrocarbons and oils, without leaching.

Ultra-Urban Filter

The Ultra-Urban® Filter with Smart Sponge® is an innovative low-cost BMP that helps meet the latest WFD requirements with effective filtration, efficient application, and low maintenance. It is a true water filter that ensures water flowing through the system is properly and completely treated. This solution is used to treat stormwater runoff for new or retrofitted sites by absorbing oil and grease and capturing detritus and sediment. In addition, Smart Sponge® Plus contains an antimicrobial agent that is effective in reducing coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater. Smart Sponge® and Smart Sponge® Plus are comprehensive solutions geared at removing key contaminants and pollutants from stormwater run-off.

The Ultra-Urban Filter is ideal for municipal, industrial, and construction applications ensuring compliance with stormwater regulations. The filter comes in three designs: the Kerb Opening, Drain Insert, and Customised Drain Insert.

Ultra Urban Filter – Customised Drain Insert

Customised Ultra Urban Filters are available for mounting within chambers allowing piped incoming stormwater to flow through the units collecting debris and removing hydrocarbons as it passes through. These are simply mounted on a mesh or bar base positioned above the base of the chamber to allow for overflow conditions if required.

Smart Pak®

Smart Pak® is designed for use in new or existing vaults that experience oil and grease pollution accompanied by sediment, detritus/debris, hydrocarbons, and coliform bacteria (when specified with Smart Sponge® Plus) . Smart Pak® helps users meet and/or exceed the latest WFD requirements with effective filtration, absorption, life expectancy and maintenance costs.

Oil Spill & Sheen Recovery

Smart Sponge® has proven itself as a vital tool to treat spilled oil. Smart Sponge® removes or reduces sheen, and does not absorb water during the process. The pollutants are transformed into a stable solid waste and oils will not leak or leach.

Booms & Line Skimmers

Tubular Absorbent Booms and Line Skimmers employ the Smart Sponge® absorptive technology which rejects water while absorbing even sheen levels of hydrocarbons in low energy flow environments. Tubular Absorbent Booms and Line Skimmers are designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons and oil in non-confined water flows. There is no de-watering of oily water after removal, they are capable of remaining completely buoyant, even after being saturated they will not deteriorate in water. Products can be deployed long term and removed when convenient.

Passive Skimmer

The Passive Skimmer is designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons by floating directly on the water in catch basins, sumps, oil/water separators and marine fuelling stations. Passive Skimmers are made with Smart Sponge® and packaged in flexible mesh containers and are available in a variety of sizes.

Smart Sponge® Bilge Skimmer

The Smart Sponge® Non-Leaching Bilge Skimmer featuring the Smart Sponge® technology is engineered and designed for permanently encapsulating the petroleum hydrocarbons that appear as oily sheen in the engine compartment during normal boat operation. The Bilge Skimmer will absorb the contaminant and allow the boater to discharge clean water from the bilge pump.