Naylor’s Environmental division addresses the growing need for environmental products and SUDs solutions that have a sustainable element to them, using recycled materials where possible and all offering an improvement to the surrounding built environment. These include:

Grass Grids of various grades to suit different applications:

  • 70mm grid- Integra – for all applications up to heavy duty (Park & Ride etc.)
  • 40mm grid- AdPave – for all applications up to heavy duty where construction depth is a priority
  • 50mm grid- Enviroblock – for intermediate applications, domestic and temporary car park applications
  • HGVGrid (75mm) – Designed for HGV loadings such as truck stops & turning areas
Integra Cannock2
Aquavoid stormwater storage for both infiltration and attenuation:

  • Aquavoid-Traffic – A heavy duty system for use beneath car parks & access roads
  • Aquavoid-Plus – For HGV loadings and deep installations
  • Aquavoid-Lite – For use in landscape areas
  • Vortex Flow Controls – To control the flow of stormwater
Enviroflow, a non-clogging fully recycled high strength land drainage and filtration solution that is easy to install and handle and requires little to no maintenance.  
TechTurf, a reinforced root-zone grass system that creates a free draining natural grass surface with no visible grid structure that is compaction resistance and high load bearing capabilities  TechTurf Image4
Geotextiles & Geomembranes – To compliment our Aquavoid & Grid solutions.  14-02-08_1039
Smart Sponge®, an innovative way of addressing pollution in Surface Water:

GeoGrids of various grades for ground reinforcement and stabilisation:

  • TX160 & TX170 grids – For ground reinforcement & general purpose applications
  • SS20 & SS30 grids – For use as sub base reinforcement below Grass Grids
Grass Protection, for overlaying grassed areas to allow vehicular loads:

  • Turfguard – For lightweight pedestrian use with occasional cars
  • Grassroute – Three grades available for pedestrian up to heavy daily traffic
  • Grasstrack HD – Heavy duty system c/w geotextile base for temporary use
  • Trackguard – Re-usable panels for temporary vehicular access to events
Naylorweb, for embankment stabilisation and tree root protection:From 75mm to 200mm deep specifically designed for different uses                         Naylor web