The Naylor Enviroflow provides a unique solution for land drainage, ground stabilisation, green infrastructure and filtration solutions that are proven to be technically superior to traditional systems. Made from 100% recycled thermoplastics, the Enviroflow product is a permanent solution that does not clog, is easy to install and handle, requires little to no maintenance and is high strength and long lasting. Whether you are looking for a more efficient solution for drainage, water treatment, ground stabilisation, retention/detention, or permeable paving, Enviroflow has a solution for you!

Please note, Enviroflow is not legal for Waste Water drainfields.

Enviroflow Planks

The Enviroflow Planks are a permanent  ground stabilisation solution superior to traditional drainage, ground stabilisation, and green infrastructure systems for a wide range of industries. The product’s high-void structure allows for a drainage capacity and structural stability greater than stone or pipe. Fast and easy to install, Enviroflow uses advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater in any direction, without clogging.

Properties of the Enviroflow Planks:
 Size  1.0m x 220mm x 45mm
 Weight  5.9kg
 Strength  1,000 tonnes/m2
 Flow Rate  33 l/s/m2 without compression, 23.4 l/s/m2 under compression
 Flow Rate under HRA  27 l/s/m2 (assuming melted top surface by Asphalt)
 Porosity  50% (porous pipes have 5%)
 Pore size  21-28µ
 Freeze Thaw  Unaffected (0.017% weight loss)
 Water Quality  Non hazardous