EasiWall is a flexible and cost effective interlocking modular block retaining wall system which can be built up to achieve high retaining wall structures.  The system is ideal for both temporary and permanent applications.

Easy to Use
  • Up to 10 times faster to install than other retaining wall systems
  • Quick installation in any weather
  • Minimum labour requirement
  • Standard site equipment (forklifts/telehandlers/small cranes) generally adequate
  • Minimum site preparation, excavation and foundation requirements
  • Product interlocks – no mortar required for all bar tallest structures
Cost Effective
  • Affordable, inexpensive to install and maintenance free
  • Hugely versatile – the product can accommodate a wide range of applications
  • Structural and non-structural
  • Use on land or in water
Minimal Space Required
  • Can be installed in limited working space
  • Requires less space behind the wall than other systems
  • Reusable and Relocatable
  • Where dry-laid, EasiWall can be easily demounted and reused
  • Can be moved from location to location and application to application
  • Sustainable recycled material content
  • Near infinite life where appropriately handled
Site Information

The Modules – Three different sized blocks are offered to allow coursing and optimise the structural strength of the retaining wall.

Handling – EasiWall units incorporate a lifting anchor pin and can be lifted by standard site equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers and small cranes with adequate lifting capacity.

Installation – The product can be laid directly on flattened earth provided that the ground is firm and not subject to water logging or subsidence.  Where the structure is intended to be 4 courses high or more, it is recommended that the product be laid on a concrete base otherwise mortar is generally not required unless ground movement or side impact is anticipated.

Technical – The product is manufactured to:

  • An engineered strength – EC7 standard
  • Quality assurance to BS EN9001
  • A smooth (ex-steel mould) finish is available as standard
  • FairFaced or other special finishes or colours available on request
  • Full design and take off service available


KingPost is a cost-effective retaining wall system also known as “Berlin Walls” and “Soldier Piles”.  The system again has a huge range of both structural and non-structural applications.

The retaining wall structure is formed by the vertical insertion of H beams in the ground; prestressed concrete panels are mounted between them.  The use of prestressed rather than precast concrete panels results in a high strength/size ratio, ensuring that units can be lighted and thinner than precast alternatives.

The use of retaining wall systems on development sites has increased as developers have tried to make maximum use of available space or design in underground structures.  KingPost is ideally suited to suburban development projects: the ease of handling and lack of large components requiring cranage makes the product easy to use on sites with limited space, whilst the high strength/size ratio and relatively small footprint is consistent with maximisation of a site’s developable area.  There are however many other applications for this system, including in flood defence walls and traffic screening.