We are innovators in new concrete products and techniques and turn ideas into a physical reality.  We have a reputation for providing the best quality concrete products coupled with the best service and value in the industry.

The Naylor Concrete Lintels range has been continually improved and enhanced over the last 50 years in response to ever changing customer requirements and needs.  The result is an unrivalled range of concrete lintels to suit every application backed up by a efficient specialist service.

We produce annually over 1 million metres of concrete lintels and specialise in major projects. Since the 1960’s we have supplied many of Britain’s most prestigious construction projects with our specialist ranges.

Our ranges include:

  • Flats – including Canary Wharf tower
  • Sports Stadia – including Wembley, Cardiff Millennium and the Olympic Stadium

In addition to structural building components we offer cost-effective retaining wall solutions, which are used in a wide range of landscaping and storage applications such as:

  • Retaining and Garden Walls
  • Material Compounds and Recycling Bays
  • Traffic Screening and Vehicle Protection
  • Intruder Prevention and Property Security
  • Floor and Landslide Prevention
EasiWall Block

EasiWall is a flexible and cost effective interlocking modular block retaining wall system which can be built up to achieve high retaining wall structures.

Our retaining wall solutions are shipped directly to site resulting in site time being minimised and the installer avoiding any potential weather disruption unlike other retaining wall options, which require on-site concrete pouring.

KingPost System

KingPost is a cost-effective retaining wall system also known as ‘Berlin Walls’ and ‘Soldier Piles’.  This system again has a huge range of both structural and non-structural applications.

Concrete Bollards

Type A concrete bollards are buried at least 300mm below the finished level.  Installed depth should be increased to allow for surface finishes.